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Jason Banditt Adams

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Death Star Trooper helmet

1:1 scale replica

Feb 1, 2010

Created exactly as the originals. Thermo-formed plastic, 7-piece construction using the same techniques and tools as the originals.

REAPER miniature

painted in 2008 using REAPER pro paints and acrylic craft paint.

using a Chocobo color scheme :)


REAPER miniature

painted in 2007 using REAPER pro paints


Battle Sister by Games Workshop

painted in 2003 using citadel paints

these have seen a lot of wear and paint on raised area has been worn away.

REAPER miniature, modified

painted in 2007 using REAPER pro paints

Below: My latest commission is this Mech repair factory for the tabletop wargame Battletech.  This piece as commissioned for I.M.Chuckles in Fremont Ohio.  

This piece features 10 independant turret housings and a ranped entranceway.  The turret housings hold offical Battletech turrets and the entranceway is large enough for most any Mech to gain engres (examples sparcely shown).

I have been commissioned to do an entire 6'X5' tabeltop cityscape for the same scale.  Look for pics of that project around January 2006.