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This web-comic is a serial, meaning that each week something new will be added. It is not a full book in one shot. The latest installment is found by clicking "LATEST".

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800 x 600




Unfortunately, I have lost the free time necessary to work on this title. If I get some more time in the future, I will strive to add to it.

I post the pages all uploaded during the week onto that week's page. That way if I sneak more than one page up before the saturday update, you will not get lost and have to hunt back through previous pages to catch up.

Now using Manga Studio to provide toner! A completely authentic Manga brought to you by Jason "Banditt" Adams

The tone looks perfect at print-size, but some comes out in grey-scale on the web. Can't be helped, sorry! I will be uploading images at roughly between 800 and 1000 pixels high to help give better clarity and detail.

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*NOTE ON PUBLISHING:  Come the time where there is a following to this comic, willing enough, I would like to offer this in printed format.  I will entertain business inquiries from any publishers who would like to carry this title.

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Start from the Beginning Latest Character Index

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