A fun-filled event with costumed reenactors, craftsmen, historians, veterans, and enthusiasts arriving to engage with the public and impart some wisdom, inspiration, and love of history.


Come see artifacts from the earliest days of Gibsonburg's founding through today!

 Soldiers and their equipment from different eras, displays with historic artifacts, view army campaign camping from the 1800's and more!


Vendors (art, crafts, food) availability still open.

May 20 & 21, 2023. Open 10 AM both mornings. Closes 5PM saturday and 4PM sunday.



Participants, reenactors, presenters, vendors, etc. that want to set up, please contact us via:

The Gibsonburg Historical Society Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/GibsonburgOhHistSoc/, Just shoot a message on messenger.


Email Us HERE

All we need is the number of people in your group attending, and how much space is needed for your set-up. Easy peasy.

LOCATION: William's Park (north park), Gibsonburg, Ohio

This is an annual event.


Veterans and active duty Service Members, First Responders, Police, Fire, EMS, Medical professionals, etc encouraged. WE HONOR YOU!



Please Be Aware

This event will be noisy! While the demonstrators will be firing cannons and guns, these are only BLANK charges with NO BULLETS coming out of the guns.

No harm can come from these demonstrations if everyone FOLLOWS THE INSTRUCTIONS of the presenters, however they are LOUD. Also, while the charges have no projectile, they do create fire and shockwaves coming from the weapons. As such, please NEVER stand in front of a weapon while discharging.
CANNONS create a loud retort AND SHOCK WAVE! EVERYONE will be asked to stay a certain distance from and behind the end of the cannon muzzle, as this shock wave CAN be dangerous! The demonstrators know safety precautions, PLEASE FOLLOW THEIR DIRECTIONS AT ALL TIMES. Anyone found to be acting in a manor that may cause harm to themselves or others WILL be asked to LEAVE, ESCORTED OUT, OR ARRESTED.

Thank you.


Google Maps address: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Williams+Park/@41.3975405,-83.2697439,11z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x883beb401d51c05b:0xe652cf490e853741!8m2!3d41.3873116!4d-83.3154969

From TURNPIKE: Take Exit 81, head SOUTH. cross SR 20. at SR600, hang a RIGHT into town. At the traffic light, hang another RIGHT and a couple blocks later you have arrived!

From SR 20: Turn SOUTH onto 300, go into town. The PARK will be on your left-hand side.


From SR 6: Take 300 NORTH and keep going past the TRAFFIC LIGHT. A few blocks later the PARK will be on your right-hand side.

From SR 23: Head NORTH until you come to SR 600 and hang a RIGHT. Go into town until you come to the TRAFFIC LIGHT, and turn LEFT. After a few blocks the PARK will be on your right-hand side.


Information for reenactors/participants CLICK HERE

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