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The Middle lands have always been the place where amalgamations took place.  Influences from the Southern province, the Northern provinces and the Separate kingdoms to the East and West have given the Reich a wealth of style to choose from in creating its own distinct culture.

The following weapons are examples of appropriate styles for the Kompanie

This array of halberds shows exactly the type used by our forces.  Varying in length of pole and dimensions in the halberds' heads, they are all still expertly made by talented hands showing the majesty of the military presence of the Hoy Roman Empire.


Pole Arms




The pole arm is used to keep your enemy at bay while employing your tactics.  A wall of these pole arms are a deterring sight indeed!  Swiss tactics, due to terrain, relied heavily on foot soldiers instead of mounted knights and thusly they recreated the Greek tactic of the phalanx: a square formation of pole arms that made a nearly impenetrable forest of spikes.  When employed with the pavaise shield- wall borrowed from the original roman empire, this formation was the most deadly of its day.

The pike, with a 14' reach is awesome in its range, but the Imperial tacticians at this time preferred the use of halberds with axe-like heads that were used to sever the bladed ends of pikes and rendered the weapons ineffective.  Though halberds were less than half the length of a pike, only 6'-7', the wielder had much more control over his weapons' far end and was much more effective in his range.  A pikeman had little control over the far end of his weapon being essentially 14' away and once an enemy was inside his reach, the only function of his pike, that of stabbing, is useless.  

The different blades on halberds were used to catch the far end of enemy pole arms and trap them against the ground, where the dangerous blades were rendered useless by being held or chopped off.  These blades were also deadly effective against the enemy himself, the weapon being just the right length to demount a knight, be useful against short-arms like swords and have enough force behind them to be effective against armour.

It is easily seen that when two sides employ these tactics against one another, the first line to break will loose as the entire formation will fold on itself.



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